Optimism Bedrock Upgrade: Unlock New Possibilities for Ethereum Blockchain

• KuCoin announced the update for the optimism bedrock mainnet.
• The upgrade brings improved performance and enhanced security to the Optimism network.
• The Optimism Bedrock upgrade expected to impact the Ethereum ecosystem.

Overview of KuCoin Update

KuCoin, a secure crypto exchange, is gearing up its layer-2 optimism network for the upcoming Bedrock upgrade. The update expected to boost scalability, security, and efficiency and is scheduled for June 6.

Benefits of Upgrade

The Optimism Bedrock upgrade will be a significant milestone in the revolution of the Optimism ecosystem and blockchain technology in general. It will allow optimism to support multiple fault-proof and client implementations as well as reduce costs and speeds up running of dApps on the network. Additionally, it holds significance for Layer 1 Ethereum ecosystem with potential to enhance blockchain experience.

Impact on Ethereum Blockchain

With this upgrade, Ethereum takes a step towards leading the blockchain platform and unlocking new possibilities in the blockchain ecosystem thus expecting to have an impact on Ethereum blockchain.

EIP1559 Support

The Bedrock update also aims to solve challenges faced by Ethereum blockchain with support for EIP1559 – an improvement that holds great importance for developers, users, and entire blockchain space.


Optimism Bedrock is expected to bring major changes in scalability, performance and security especially benefiting developers working on decentralized applications while having a positive influence on overall Ethereum chain as well.